Zorita Young

I first realized I had an issue with diabetes when I was pregnant with my second child. Unusual weight gain and a series of test lead me to be diagnosed with GESTATIONAL diabetes.{link to article on gestational diabetes} This has an onset during pregnancy and usually goes away after the pregnancy is over, however with each pregnancy there is an increased risk of the child being born with diabetes and leaving the mother with TYPE 2 DIABETES.}LINK TO ARTICLE ON type 2 diabetes}

Many years afterwards, here it comes! Type 2 DIABETES. I thought I beat it again. I got on a really strict diet with almost no carbs, and started exercising like a crazy person until I shed away a quick 50 pounds and it went away again!

But this last time I was not as successful escaping it. I ended up with a regimen of medicine, monitoring my blood glucose level daily, A1c bloodwork every three months and seriously changing my eating habits to foods that are much healthier but also more costly.I had to give up some foods that I really enjoy but I must admit it resulted in me fitting in sexier clothes but more importantly me feeling more alive than I had in many years. So much so, that I want to share it with any and everyone who wants to become a diabetes overcomer as well. If you are an overcomer join me in sharing your secrets to success. Who knows it may just save someone’s life or ease their journey on the road to recovery and prevent them from stumbling over some of the pitfalls common, or challenge them to get motivated on their own journey to becoming a successful diabetes overcomer!

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